Amit Raj

Georgia Institute of Technology amit.raj at

I am a Machine Learning PhD student working with Prof. James Hays in the College of Computing at Georgia Tech. My research interests lie in the intersection of Computer Vision, Graphics and Machine Learning. Particularly, I am interested in exploring generative models for images conditioned on sparse user guidance to allow 2D or 3D content authoring. I am also interested in exploring the use of 3d information for more controllable and interprettable neural image synthesis.

I did my Masters in ECE with a specialization in Signal processing and Controls at Georgia Tech. Before that, I did my Bachelors at National Institute of Technology, Karnataka (NITK).

I also enjoy hiking, photography, making music and speed cubing


  • [Feb 2021]  2 Papers accepted to CVPR 2021
  • [May 2020]  Interning at FRL, Pittsburgh with Dr. Stephen Lombardi, Dr. Michael Zollhoefer, Dr. Tomas Simon and, Dr. Shunsuke Saito
  • [July 2019]  Presenting our work on Learning to texture meshes at the 3D-WiDGET workshop at CVPR 2019
  • [July 2019]  Our work on Kernel Mean Matching for Content Addressability of GANs has been accepted to ICML 2019
  • [May 2019]  Interning at FRL, Sausalito with Dr. Carsten Stoll, Dr. Minh Vo and Dr. Christoph Lassner
  • [Dec 2018]  Our work on Variational inpainting presented at the Bayesian Deep Learning Workshop at NeurIPS 2018
  • [Sept 2018]  Presenting our work on SwapNet at ECCV2018
  • [May 2018]   I am interning at Adobe Research, Seattle with Dr. Connelly Barnes



  • CS 6476 Computer Vision TA with Prof. James Hays
  • CS 6475 Computational Photography TA with Prof. Irfan Essa